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La Adelita
1921 Tequila Reposado

This is a very controversial character. The photograph used on our label is thought to have been taken in 1912 by Jerónimo Hernandez, her name was Altagracia Martinez. She was a cook for the troops under the command of Victoriano Huerta. Although this has never been proven, it is rumored that she abandoned an affluent lifestyle to join the revolutionary forces. The Adelitas played an important role in the revolutionary movement, leaving everything to accompany their husbands at war.

By accompanying her man, the Adelita left her humble home and took on many roles. She was a mother, prepared meals, prepared rifles, mended clothing, spied, and nursed the injured. She was of hard character, brave, altruistic, and committed to the fight. It is said, that if her man was killed, she would take his rifle and fight in combat in his memory.

Our Reposado Tequila bears an image of the Adelita in honor of her fearless bravery in the fight for her ideals.