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Preparation of the Tequila

Before bottling the Blanco, the alcohol concentration is diluted with purified water from 55% down to 40% via a complex process. The Tequila is filtered again through the gravitational filtration system and oxygenated for optimal smoothness.

The Tequila that will be aged to Reposado and Añejo is adjusted from 55% down to 42% Alc. Vol. and filtered before being transferred to 200L charred white oak barrels. It is common practice in the Tequila industry to fill the barrels with an Alc. Vol. a few degrees higher than ours. Our approach to age at 42% is to minimize unnecessary alcohol evaporation that can result in the release of bitter components of the wood. This leaves the end product of aging very close to the concentration needed for bottling without having to add significant amounts of water, which can dilute and/or diminish the organoleptic characteristics acquired in the aging process.